Published on 7 July 2021 at 19:34

So today is the 7th of July, a beautiful date written as 7/7!


What does this date mean to you? For some, it would no doubt mean shopping time, taking advantage of the many 7/7 sales!


However for many this year, the mood is far from jubilant. The pandemic and its endless lockdowns have taken a toll on even the strongest of us. Many did not think that it would last this long, but yet here we are being dragged kicking and screaming into one lockdown after another!


This brings us to this motorcycle (refer to the picture below) which we found at our place bearing the nice number '77', reflecting today's date. Nice number, you might say, but the bike lies abandoned here, its nice number having been transferred to another vehicle. Many of us are like that abandoned bike — broken down, rusty, and unused. We have seen better days and long to see them again!


Having said this, we would like to end today's post with optimism. Despite all that has happened, we are STILL here, alive and kicking. We can still be, if we continue without letup in our fight and maintain our guard. It is encouraging to see more and more getting vaccinated and taking proactive precautionary measures. In the spirit of the song 'We Are The Champions', "we'll keep on fighting to the end!" 


Be strong, stay safe, and see you guys around!

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