Not Everything Which Sounds Nice Is Good

Published on 8 July 2021 at 22:40

Chinese people love the numbers 6 and 8. The number 6 sounds like the Cantonese words for good fortune and happiness while 8 sounds like the word for prosperity.


However, the 8,868 Covid cases recorded today is far from anything fortunate, happy, and prosperous. It is a sharp rise from the previous day's 7,097 figure and a stark reminder that we are well on track to hit the 10,000 mark if things continue on at this rate!


On the bright side, the number of cases had surpassed the 9,000 mark previously in May but subsequently decreased, so we hope it would be the same this time. We only want 5 digits for our salary (cents excluded), not in terms of the number of Covid cases!


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