Mutated Virus Variants — A Cause Of Concern For Many

Published on 9 July 2021 at 11:04

The emerging new variants of this novel coronavirus are a cause of concern not only to the public but for the scientists as well.


What are the new variants?

Viruses are known to mutate all the time as they replicate their genetic material often making mistakes in the process. These changes can either weaken the virus or make it stronger, giving it some advantage over some other variants. When this gives the new variants an advantage, they can proliferate and become the dominant strain infecting people

The mutation in the gene that encodes the Sars Covid-2 virus spike protein plays a key role in viral entering cells.Therefore, vaccines are designed in such a way that when we are immunized, it generates antibodies that recognize features of the spike protein, that can restraint it from infecting more of the cells in our body. Such mutations are worrisome as they can form more resilient and deadly variants of the virus.

The latest and more aggressive mutations are the Delta, Delta Plus, and Lambda Variants. The Delta strain has already been found in our country and it is inevitable that the other variants would find their way to our shores.


Will vaccines still work?

Vaccines have been proven to minimize the virus from spreading. Yet over time vaccines may need to be altered following the viruses' genetic mutations.

The coronavirus acts in the same way as all other viruses, constantly mutating as it replicates inside its new host. The virus uses us to multiply, thus our cells then become a virus factory mass-producing the genetic material that allows more of the virus to develop.


What can we do about it?

Seeing this as the spike in more of these deadly viruses, it's best that each one of us individuals take the necessary actions in protecting ourselves by getting vaccinated.

Let us all be aware and take needed precautions in our day-to-day activities so as not to be a host or spread the virus around. The more we work together in handling this situation, the sooner things could get better!


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