How Was Your Week? (July 5 — July 11)

Published on 12 July 2021 at 11:55

Good morning to all Malaysians and those from abroad. Congratulations for making it through another week!

The past week was quite a bumpy one. There was power jostling, which culminated with a political party withdrawing its support from the government, causing further confusion in doing so as many of its members have defied their own party president in maintaining their support for the coalition. What a mess!

On the pandemic front, we saw a spike in cases, breaching the 9,000 mark and staying there. The 10,000 mark is not far off and many are praying that we would not hit it. 10 is usually better than 9, but not in this case!

On the bright side, our country's daily vaccination rate is progressing at a good pace. The figures show that around 32.7% of adults have received their first dose, with 14.6% of these being fully vaccinated. We hope that things would continue at this rate.

At the end of the day, we are still here, hanging on, ready to fight another week, hoping that things would get better even though there is no guarantee that they would. Fingers crossed that this week would be a better one!

Feel free to share in the comments how your week went.

*Infographic by The Star
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