So A 'T-Rex' Got Vaccinated...

Published on 13 July 2021 at 08:45

Something out of the ordinary happened — a 'T-Rex' got vaccinated!


Inspired by the elderly uncle in Penang mentioned in our last post, someone turned up at a Kuching vaccination centre in a T-Rex costume!


When interviewed, Mr. Rex (actual name Mr. Kenny Sia) said that he bought the costume to entertain his young son and donned it on that day to bring cheer to the frontliners and volunteer workers. He joked that the costume also served as his 'personal protective equipment' (PPE) and he did not feel stuffy inside since it came equipped with an inbuilt fan and hence had a proper ventilation system. Also, he did not need to get out of the costume to get vaccinated as there were zippers on the arms of the costume, so all he needed to do was to pull the left arm zipper down. Having a vaccination times scheduled later in the day helped too as there were less people then and thus a shorter wait.


Meanwhile at the Bukit Jalil Stadium vaccination centre, someone showed up dressed as Naruto, complete with yellow hair and all. Unfortunately, this person was not interviewed, so their story remains untold, Nevertheless, pictures of him have already been liked and shared by many netizens who found it amusing, such as the post found in the same article below.


What was the reaction? Mr. Sia found himself to be the center of attention as many took pictures of him and also complimented him for his memorable appearance. The 3,500+ likes and hundreds of comments on his Facebook post bear testimony to the impact that he created.


What is the lesson that we can take away from the Rex and Naruto experiences? Simply put, something out of the norm can brighten up an otherwise monotonous day. And if you can be that person who could do so and put a smile on people's faces, why not?


If you are feeling down today, just take a look at the picture below and hopefully it would put a smile on your face just like it did for ours.


Have a great day and do something abnormal today! ;)


Photo credit: Kenny Sia


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