11,079 — A New High!

Published on 13 July 2021 at 16:50

We have finally hit it — the dreaded 10,000 mark for the number of Covid cases!


The 10,000 figure was always a psychological mark. No matter what the figure, people would often comfort themselves and others around them by saying that at least our cases are still below five figures. And today we have not only broken this mark but surpassed it by more than a thousand! 


This is the part where the finger-pointing starts. Politicians blame the rakyat (citizens) for being lax while the rakyat point their fingers back at the government for the confusing and ever changing SOP's, countless U-turns, and double standards together with selective enforcement which have resulted in the abysmal failure to keep the cases down. It is nonsensical for ordinary citizens to be blamed entirely when we are NOT the ones in power! 


Many are saying 'Malaysia Boleh!' in sarcasm. This is far from the 'boleh' that we want to achieve. We can definitely do better — whatever happened to us? 


As responsible citizens, we should rightly do our part, but the ultimate control lies in the hands of the government. And when the government is perceived to be ineffective, inefficient, and directionless, is it not surprising that the citizens end up following the same pattern? 


Our fingers are crossed in the hope that the next day would bring about better news and that our politicians would finally get their act together. Meanwhile let us continue to do our part in this epic fight, looking forward to the time when we will emerge victorious!


Image source: KKM

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