Politicians Who Are On The Right Track

Published on 15 July 2021 at 11:30

After our last post which criticized politicians for their shameless self-promotion by plastering their names, faces, and party logos, let us take a look at those who are actually doing things right.


Take for example Syed Saddiq, MP for Muar. who successfully distributed aid to 5,000 families, even though the government target was 3,000 families.


How did he manage to do it? For one thing, Saddiq conducts all the negotiations himself without going through any middlemen, thus ensuring that the quoted prices are the lowest possible. A 45% discount was obtained from KK Mart for their goods while TheLorry provided six 20-ton trailers to transport the goods free of charge!


Also, as can be seen from the pictures, there are no smiling pictures of Saddiq or his party logo plastered on the items. Providing and maximizing aid is obviously the priority for him and his team instead of cheap publicity.


Thank you for setting a good example and putting other politicians to shame, showing them the way it should be done. 

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