Home Sweet Home!

Published on 17 July 2021 at 23:10

Many would be familiar with Ebit Lew by now — a philanthropist whose charitable works have often been the talk of the nation. 


62-year-old Uncle Loh has been living in a concrete pipe for more than 6 months after losing his job due to an accident which caused walking difficulties. This came to the attention of Ebit, who swung into action and mobilized his team to help Uncle Loh. 


The first thing Ebit did was to bring Uncle Loh shopping, buying essentials for him such as clothes and a new walking stick. This was followed by a visit to a hair salon, where Uncle Loh was given a haircut. The hairstylist refused any payment from Edit's team, doing his part to help out. Finally, Uncle Loh was taken to his new accommodation — a 2 bedroom unit with new furniture! Ebit pledged to pay the RM 700 monthly rental for Uncle Loh, who repeatedly expressed his gratitude to Ebit for his much needed help!


It is certainly heartwarming for us to see assistance being given to the needy and hope that others would be inspired by people like Ebit and follow in their footsteps! 

News link: https://fb.watch/v/1LU-29z4j/

Photo credit: Ebit Lew

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