No Money, No Jobs, No Food!

Published on 21 July 2021 at 10:45

Imagine having no money, no jobs, and no food!

Today's news brings us to the Panorama Lapangan Perdana flats (pictured here) in Ipoh, where such struggles are faced by a large number of the residents there.

According to Ivan Lourdes, the maintenance manager, at least half of the residents had lost their sources of income because of the pandemic and cannot afford to pay their rent. Buying essential items is also a struggle, and the management is therefore appealing to the public for help on behalf of the residents.

Proactive measures have been taken in this direction, such as reaching out to political parties as well as NGOs for help. Former deputy health minister Dr Lee Boon Chye was among those who responded, providing 100 packets of nasi lemak together with grocery items such as rice, sugar, salt, dry noodles and more. However, the items were only sufficient to help 30 units out of the 300 units who need help.

In an attempt to help residents obtain jobs, the management office welcomes companies to distribute flyers at the flats and use the management office to hold job interviews.


Those who wish to help may contact Ivan Lourdes at 016-874 4491 or Jasmine Tay at 017-784 5628.


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