Alert: 17,045 Cases Today — Frontliners Are Exhausted!

Published on 25 July 2021 at 21:48

The rising number of cases and extended working hours has left our frontliners burnt out. It is time for you to wake up, feel their pain and exhaustion.

Help them flatten the curve by cooperating with them to bring down the cases.

Here are some steps on how you can do so:
 Keep your distance of 1.5 meters when in a queue to buy items in malls or shops.
 Report shop owners who are not following the S.O.P.
 Report people who insist on standing close to others and refuse to maintain a safe distance.
 Report those who do not scan the barcode.

 Mention that you will report this and bravely follow through with it.
 If you are afraid to do so, share it anonymously on social media.

 Write to us and let us help you expose the incident.
 Stay at home and quarantine yourselves.
If you are quarantined, buy and pay for groceries online. Ensure grab and foodpanda drivers leave the items in a basket. Please maintain a safe distance from them.

By doing this, you are assisting the frontliners in flattening the curve as well as showing empathy and care for others who have a weak immune system. Your children are watching and learning from your apathetic behaviour and indifferent attitude towards the suffering of others. Set a good example and make it a safe place for your children. Now is the time for action. Delay in changing your attitude will result in increasing fatalities. Zero action equals no change equals death.


Please adhere to the S.O.P’s set by the government. Remember what goes around comes around. Failure to quarantine yourself would lead to you being the cause of the rapid spread which could wipe out your whole family.

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4 months ago

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