When The Messenger Gets Shot

Published on 27 July 2021 at 14:00

Refugee activist Heidy Quah, the founder of the Refuge for the Refugees organisation, revealed that she would be charged today at the Cyber Crimes Court under the Communications and Multimedia Act with circulating false or offensive content.


According to Heidi, the charge arose over a Facebook posting in June last year about conditions at Malaysian immigration centres experienced by a former detainee during government crackdowns on undocumented migrants during the first few spikes of Covid-19 cases.

Heidi revealed that she was questioned for two hours at the Putrajaya district police headquarters and stood by what she had written, adding that it was “unfortunate and frustrating” that the government’s resources were being used in this way when they should be focused towards Parliament, the pandemic and the people.

Heidi referred to the annual reports of Suhakam, the human rights commission of Malaysia regarding hygiene standards at the depots, abuse, mistreatment, neglect, and poor sanitation as a reflection of the very concerns she had. “The sharing on my Facebook was intended to highlight my concerns about the conditions in immigration detention centres and the harm that would be caused by sending more people en masse into immigration detention centres that were known to be overcrowded and unhygienic. While this charge has shaken me up, I will go forward with courage — I will not be silenced for speaking up,” declared Heidi.

We wish Heidi all the best and hope that she will continue to going forward with courage and speaking out fearlessly!


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