Teenager killed for wearing jeans in India

Published on 15 August 2021 at 16:31

A teenage Indian girl was allegedly beaten to death by family members for wearing denim jeans.

The body of Neha Paswan was allegedly thrown over a bridge after she had been murdered. Sadly, Neha's body got stuck in a railing, which prompted a police investigation.

The police have charged 10 people in Neha's death for murder and destruction of evidence, including her grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

An argument broke out over Neha's clothes at their home in Savreji Kharg village, one of the poorest districts in Andhra Pradesh.

A police statement provided by Neha's mother claims that she suffered serious head injuries in the alleged attack.

During the day, Neha kept a religious fast. In the evening, she wore jeans and a top and performed her rituals. When her grandparents objected to her attire, Neha insisted jeans were meant to be worn," said Shakuntala Devi Paswan.


Shakuntala Devi claimed that the argument spiraled out of control and left Neha unconscious on the floor after the alleged attack.

The teenager's family called a rickshaw, claiming that they wanted to take her to the hospital. Because their mother was not allowed to accompany them, Neha's mother alerted her family to look for her daughter at the hospital.

"They wouldn't let me accompany them so I alerted my relatives who went to the district hospital looking for her but couldn't find her," Shakuntala Devi said.

The rickshaw driver had stopped on a bridge and an attempt was made to push Neha's body into the Gandak river below.

But when the body got caught up in the railings, police were called. The rickshaw driver has since been charged by police.

As Neha experimented with non-traditional Indian garments, Shakuntala Devi said that some family members grew increasingly upset. Neha liked wearing modern clothing, her mother said.

India has become a flashpoint for national protests and public debate in recent years due to violence against women and young girls.

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