Manpower ministry says infected workers in dormitories were fully vaccinated

Published on 25 August 2021 at 21:08

Singapore, Aug 24: According to the Ministry of Manpower, all the migrant workers who were tested positive for Coronavirus in a dormitory were fully vaccinated.


Ministry officials noted that the 62 people from North Coast Lodge were either asymptomatic or had mild symptoms. They have been moved to a healthcare facility for further treatment and care.


The first three cases are thought to have been discovered during routine and waste testing, while the remaining cases were discovered during pre-emptive testing. Close contacts of the 62 confirmed patients have been identified and isolated.


A peak in April 2020 saw more than 1000 foreign workers infected with a virus in the city-state due to dormitory infections.


Foreign labor is commonly used in construction sectors since it is a cheaper labor force, and they are frequently housed in dormitory buildings, which proved to be an issue during Covid-19 because to the large number of employees living in close quarters.


A manpower ministry source said that all residents of North Coast Lodge will be tested frequently over the next few weeks. Authorities have been actively vaccinating migrant workers since February.


As of Tuesday, Singapore reported 111 locally transmitted cases of Covid-19, 24 of which were associated with the North Coast Lodge cluster. The city has swabbed more than 5,300 residents over the past three days. 

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